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2021/2022 Season

The 2021/2022 Season is set to begin! Don’t miss out on any of the “Our Biz is Show Biz” Season which includes: Noises Off, Anything Goes, and Moon Over Buffalo! Season tickets are available now!

Story of La Ronde by Director Chet Harper

Written in 1897 by Arthur Schnitzler, but, because of its subject matter, was not performed on stage until 1920. It’s first performance, in Berlin, was met with violent critical and popular reactions to the plays subject matter. The audiences found it difficult to accept a play that offered social commentary on how sexual contact transgresses […]

Weaving Stories

Weaving Stories – Libby J McKay, Director Where to begin? This is the first question in composing a story. Where to begin? In May of 2020 the NCT Board of Directors made a difficult but proactive decision regarding the 2020/2021 theatre season: We aren’t doing it. Instead we put a pin in the planned season […]


Experimental NCT Shadow Project

Without the flame, the candle has no purpose. It’s merely a lump of cold wax. Without spirit, a story cannot live. By giving a piece of ourselves, the story finds its purpose. These words represent a Balinese concept called Taksu. As the world goes virtual, NCT is doing something new and for this project, we’re […]

Sticking to What We Know!

To my NCT family, It is hard to tell up from down in these extraordinary times. The world as we know it has changed in ways that are hard to keep up with, much less understand. So at NCT, we are going to stick to what we know: bringing you quality entertainment. We want to […]

Crafting The “Calm” Before the Storm

When it was originally broadcast, The War of the Worlds caused a type of simultaneous mass hysteria not seen before the advent of radio broadcasts. It taught us that while mass media can be a force for good, it can also be a source of misinformation. It is a lesson that is as important to […]

Favorite Musicals

Hi, my name is Linda Boullion and I’m the Music Director for Little Shop of Horrors. It has been my privilege to be a part of the joint endeavors of the Norfolk Community Theatre and the Northeast’s Theatre and Music Departments for the past six years of musicals. I don’t think I can tell you […]

1920 Artistic Director’s Note

What is out there? Norfolk Community Theatre is exploring this question in our upcoming season by presenting three masterworks of science fiction: Little Shop of Horrors, A Wrinkle in Time, and War of the Worlds. Each production gives us characters who must undertake a journey of discovery in order to persevere. Little Shop of Horrors […]